Nylon PA610


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    Transparent nylon>>>>

    Transparent nylon-PA12,Transparent nylon: Poly(trimethylhexamethylene terephthalamide) ,PA610 Structural Formula:Transparent nylon;Features:The most outstanding char...

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    Nylon PA610 Resin>>>>

    Polyamide 610 - Nylon 610 - PA 610 PA610 Molecular Formula:(C16H30N2O2)n PA610 Structural Formula: PA610 Features:Compare with the the Nylon 6 and the Nylon 66, the nylon 61...

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    Nylon PA612 Resin>>>>

    Polyamide 612 - Nylon 612 - PA 612 PA612 Molecular Formula:NH(CH2)6CONH(CH2)10CO]n PA612 Features:Compare with the PA610,the nylon 612 is smaller density, has low water absorptio...

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    Nylon PA1010 Resin>>>>

    Polyamide 1010 - Nylon 1010 - PA 1010 PA1010 Molecular Formula:(C20H38N2O2)n PA1010 Structural Formula: PA1010 Features:Compare with the Nylon 610 and the Nylon 612, the nylon 1010 ha...

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    Nylon PA1212 Resin>>>>

    Polyamide 1212 - Nylon 1212 - PA 1212 PA1212 Molecular Formula:(C24H46N2O2)n PA1212 Structural Formula: PA1212 Features: PA1212 resin has a unique advantage.The water absorption is lo...




Lyuechem Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and the sale of engineering plastic nylon products. The company mainly produces PA 610, PA 612, PA 1010, PA 1212, modified nylon, nylon sieve material, transparent nylon and other related products.

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