Transparent nylon

Transparent nylon-PA12

Transparent nylon:Poly(trimethylhexamethylene terephthalamide)

PA610 Structural Formula:

Transparent nylon Features:

      The most outstanding characteristic of transparent nylon is its good transmittance, up to 90%. Its transparency is better than polycarbonate and close to polymethylmethacrylate. In addition, it has good thermal stability, impact toughness, electrical insulation, dimensional stability and aging resistance. Odorless and non-toxic. The shrinkage rate and linear expansion coefficient of the products are low. It is resistant to dilute acids, alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, Oils and fats, but not to alcohols. It is soluble in the mixture of 80% chloroform and 20% methanol. It is superior to polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate in environmental stress cracking resistance. It is a self extinguishing material with an oxygen index of 26.8. The water absorption rate of transparent nylon is 0.41%, which is lower than that of nylon 6 and nylon 66, and the water absorption hardly affects its mechanical and electrical properties. However, it will become turbid in boiling water. It is proved by electron microscope that it is caused by water filling the pores of polymer surface, rather than crystallization.

Transparent nylon Application:

Transparent nylon not only has the excellent properties of nylon, but also has better oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance than other transparent plastics, so it has been widely used
1. Automobile
      Automotive electronics and lighting, cooling and air conditioning system, oil system, power system and chassis, interior trim, oil cup
2. Electronic appliances
      Electrical facilities, electrical equipment, connectors, lighting, optical instruments and computer parts, industrial production monitoring windows, X-ray viewing windows, measuring instruments, electrostatic copiers, developer storage, mobile phones and other portable equipment
3. Industrial and consumer goods
      Heating system, household products, food packaging, hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical engineering, medical supplies, transmission, bathroom, water and gas supply, sports and consumer goods, tools and parts
4. Optics

      Lens, optical components, safety glasses, sunglasses, frame
5. Petrochemical Industry

      Windows for containers in contact with oil, oil filters, butane lighters in oil depots, oil meters

Transparent nylon Index:


Test Items Standard Parameter Value UNIT TM125 TM136
Relative Density GB/T 1033
ISO 1183
g/cm3 1.02-1.03 1.00
Tensile Strength GB/T1040
ISO 572-1/-2
MPa ≥58 ≥58
Tensile modulus GB/T1040
ISO 572-1/-2
MPa ≥1500 ≥1500
Elongation At Break GB/T1040
ISO 572-1/-2
% ≥50 ≥50
Flexural Strength GB/T 9341
ISO 178
MPa ≥55 ≥55
Flexural Module GB/T 9341
ISO 178
MPa ≥1500 ≥1500
Charpy Non-Notch Impact(23℃) GB/T 1043
ISO 179/1eU
kJ/m2 N N
Charpy Non-Notch Impact(23℃) GB/T 1043
ISO 179/1eU
kJ/m2 N N
Charpy Notch Impact(-30℃) GB/T 1043
ISO 179/1eA
kJ/m2 ≥8 ≥7
Charpy Notch Impact(-30℃) GB/T 1043
ISO 179/1eA
kJ/m2 ≥6 ≥6
Hot deformation temperature(1.80MPa) GB/T1634
ISO 75-1/-2
125 135



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