Nylon 610/Graphene Oxide Composites Prepared by In-Situ Inte

Nylon 610/nylon 610-grafted graphene oxide (nylon 610/GO-g-nylon 610) composites were fabricated using acyl chloride-functionalized graphene oxide by In-Situ interfacial polymerization.

GO-g-nylon 610 was synthesized by the condensation reaction between the acyl chloride groups of GO and the amino groups at the nylon 610 chains during the In-Situ polymerization.

Nylon 610/GO composites without grafting nylon 610 onto GO were also prepared to investigate the influence of grafting nylon 610 on the interfacial adhesion between GO and the nylon 610 matrix.

The thermal properties of the nylon 610/GO-g-nylon 610 composites were enhanced with increasing GO-g-nylon 610 content in the nylon 610 matrix.

The degradation temperature and thermal conductivity of the nylon 610/GO-g-nylon 610-10 composite were increased to 72.2 °C and 36.9%, respectively, compared with those of pure nylon 610.

The crystallinity of the nylon 610/GO-g-nylon 610-10 composite was significantly lower than that of pure nylon 610 due to the hindered mobility of the nylon 610 chains by the strong interfacial adhesion between the GO-g-nylon 610 and the nylon 610 matrix.

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