Extrusion grade nylon PA12 raw material for tennis racket sheath

TIME:2018-06-27 12:26:41
Extrusion grade nylon PA12 raw material for tennis racket sheathProduct features: wear-resistant, good toughness
Why use a sheath?
1. If the racket head is severely worn and has touched the racket frame, the racket's cable protection pipe needs to be replaced immediately, otherwise the wear of the carbon body of the racket will not only seriously affect the life of the racket, but also damage the quality and balance of the racket;
2. The inner wire hole of the wire protection tube is broken, which may be caused by threading and normal use.
In this case, it is recommended to replace the wire protection tube, because the internal wire is easy to cut the racket body during threading and subsequent use;
3. If you have a racket in your collection, you also need to replace the wire protector in order to make the racket beautiful.
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